Administrative Reports Center
Administrative Reports Center
Turn data into valuable information.
The Administrative Reports Center allows SCoRE® administrators to collect and analyze student data for their college or university. Custom reports are designed to help evaluate program results, better understand the needs of students, and inform planning of campus resources and programs.
About the Administrative Reports Center

Stress is a fact of life for college students, and college personnel are increasingly looking for ways to help students manage and decrease stress through campus initiatives. But discovering the specific factors contributing to your students’ stress and how they’re dealing with stress can be tricky. Until now.

With the SCoRE Administrative Reports Center, you can easily collect this information based on the responses of students participating in SCoRE: Self-Paced and SCoRE: Instructor-Led. The ARC’s reports show you:

  • Stress frequency
  • Top overall stressors and social stressors
  • How students are currently responding to stress (e.g., sleeping less, getting sick more often)
  • What resilience strategies students are using (e.g., setting realistic goals, pursuing hobbies)
  • And more!

Armed with this information, colleges and universities are better equipped to:

  • Evaluate program results
  • Understand the needs of students, especially freshmen
  • Strategically plan campus resources and programs

Get Data about Your Students’ Stress and Resilience

  • Comprehensive
    Generate summary reports of student self-assessments and program evaluation measures.
  • Customized
    View data for all of your SCoRE participants or for specific populations.
  • Useful
    Quickly and easily get the information you need from graphic summaries of results.
  • Informative

    Monitor students' progress, including their stress level, knowledge, and use of resilience.

  • Insightful
    Understand the stressors your students are experiencing and how they respond to stress.
  • Secure
    Collect data anonymously with summary-level reporting of responses.
Report Samples

Graphically engaging, intuitive reports provide details about student functioning.


A breakdown of your student participants.

Types of Stressors

The stressors your students are experiencing.

Responses to Stress

How your students are responding to stress.

Resilience Strategies

The resilience strategies your students are using.