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Students, parents, and universities are invited to discover SCoRE® (Student Curriculum on Resilience Education®). This research-based program helps students cope with the personal, social, and academic challenges of college life.

Students become resilient, confident and happy in the face of college stressors. College should be an exciting time! It’s time to bounce back and get on the right path to future success.

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Discover SCoRE. Discover resilience. Discover student success.

What students are saying about SCoRE

"I struggle with anxiety and procrastination; through the SCoRE program, I've learned to manage my time more wisely and lower my stress level."

What universities are saying about SCoRE

"The SCoRE website serves a great tool for both students and instructors. I found it very interactive, user-friendly, and beneficial.  As an instructor, it was convenient for tracking the students' progress and presenting the material during class. I often heard students comment on the instant positive gratification they felt from the comprehensive worksheet results they received. Our course was made interactive 24/7 because of the website."

Ruben Henao
Assistant Director of Student Activities
Chatham University