Dynamic Reports

Receive instant feedback with interactive questionnaires.

SCoRE includes 10 questionnaires to help students identify their resilience strengths and vulnerabilities. Questionnaires completed online generate personalized reports for ongoing self-assessment.
How it works
Select a questionnaire

All questionnaires are accessible online from
the virtual Student Course Book and the
Reports Center. 

Answer the questions

Online versions of questionnaires are easy to complete and provide immediate feedback
to students.

Generate your personalized report

Graphically engaging reports summarize individual results to enhance each student's learning experience.

Download, save, or print your report

Students can save and print reports for at-home assignments to bring to class.

View your report or retake the questionnaire anytime

Students can take questionnaires repeatedly and review archived results.

Sample Reports

Questionnaire reports provide personalized summaries of results for meaningful self-assessment.

Unit 1: My Responses to Stress

Identify your resilience strengths and vulnerabilities. 

Unit 2: College Stress Inventory

Increase your awareness of daily stressors.

Unit 4: Composite Scale of Morningness

Determine whether you're a "morning" or "evening" person.