SCoRE®: Propel
SCoRE: Propel
Learn resilience and self-advocacy skills.
SCoRE: Propel, an online course geared toward students seeking disability services in college, helps students build resilience as well as self-advocacy and social skills.
About SCoRE: Propel

SCoRE® (Student Curriculum on Resilience Education®) is a research-based resilience program designed specifically for college students. SCoRE helps students cope with the personal, social, and academic challenges of college life by providing practical information and strategies to:

  • Manage stress
  • Develop healthy relationships
  • Maintain a healthy body and mind
  • Achieve success in college and in life

SCoRE: Propel was adapted from SCoRE: Self-Paced with funding from Autism Speaks to address the specific needs of students seeking disability services in college, including students with:

  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • ADHD
  • Social anxiety disorders
  • Nonverbal learning disabilities
  • Related developmental disorders

To this end, SCoRE: Propel includes all of the content in SCoRE: Self-Paced plus additional units covering:

  • Self-advocacy and accessing disability services
  • Navigating social challenges in a college setting

Additionaly, the course's audiovisual elements, interactive exercises, and practical application activities were modified to make the program content more accessible and relevant to SCoRE: Propel participants.

SCoRE: Propel Offers a Unique Interactive Learning Experience

Multimedia E-Learning
Online course delivery mixing audio, video, and visuals adapted to meet the specific meeds of the SCoRE: Propel audience.
Personalized Reports
Personalized feedback to questionnaires for self-assessment of resilience strengths and vulnerabilities.
Practice Exercises
Interactive resilience-building exercises, including real-life practice assignments to complete offline.
Resilience Resources
A searchable database of resilience links, including many resources specific to autism spectrum disorder.
Online Journal
Responses to practice exercises recorded as journal entries for reference and reflection.
Web-Based Support
Administrative tools for colleges and universities to support program implementation and evaluation.
Lessons on Self-Advocacy
All the content of SCoRE: Self-Paced plus a unit on advocating for one's needs and working with disability services.
Additional Social Skills Component
Administrative tools for colleges and universities to support program implementation and evaluation.

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