SCoRE® Technical Requirements
Minimum Requirements

Each student must be able to utilize an internet speed above 1 Mbps. In other words, internet speed must be above 30 Mbps for a class of 30 students to interact with at the same time.

Laptops or desktop computers should be running a current modern browser that is up to date. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Each computer should have the latest version of Adobe flash installed. We have seen instances where Adobe will push an update to flash, and the older version will discontinue working until updated properly.

For users on iPads and Android tablets, we recommend installing the free Puffin browser:

Other Factors for Consideration

Students are added to an organization’s account via a registration link that is unique to that organization. The students can register themselves, or an administrator can do this for them ahead of time. In either case, the registration process must start from that link, and go straight through without page reloads or hitting the “back” button. If the process needs to be restarted, it’s mandatory that it starts from the registration link. This registration link makes the connection with the organization so that students don’t have to pay.

Once signup is complete, the user will be directed to the home page to log in to the account they just created.