Sheila R. Fine

Sheila R. Fine

Ms. Fine is the principal founder of LEAD Pittsburgh. Her interest in depression piqued after reading an article about the suicide of a successful, well-connected businessman. Sheila wanted answers as to why this tragedy could not be prevented and sought knowledge about the pervasiveness of depression. LEAD Pittsburgh evolved as a response to Sheila's exploration of the prevention, causes, and treatments of depression. The work of LEAD Pittsburgh illustrates how eliminating the stigma and treatment barriers associated with depression requires community-wide involvement and fundamental systemic changes.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Ms. Fine has been a volunteer and activist since her teen years. Today, she remains an active participant and member of numerous organizations and serves as a board member of LEAD Pittsburgh as well as Community Care Behavioral Health, the Eye and Ear Foundation, the Fine Foundation, the Jewish Women's Foundation, the Joint Patient Care Committee of UPMC/Shadyside Hospital, Shadyside Hospital Foundation, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Behavior Health Board.


  • Chair, Board of Directors, and principal founder, LEAD Pittsburgh