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Q. What information can my instructor see about me?

A. Your instructor has access to your name and e-mail address and can see what at-home assignments you've completed. Your instructor cannot see your questionnaire responses or reports.
Q. If I complete a questionnaire multiple times, will my new report replace my previous one?

A. All reports are saved. If you take a questionnaire several times, each report will remain available. Once a report is created, a dropdown menu will appear in the box for that questionnaire with the label "View Previous." Reports are listed in the order of the date(s) you took the questionnaire.
Q. Will I be asked to share my questionnaire results in class?

A. Students are encouraged to share personal experiences in class, but no one is required to share personal experiences or discuss their questionnaire responses or results.
Q. Can I start a questionnaire and finish it later?

A. Once started, questionnaires must be completed to save your responses; however, most of the questionnaires take only a few minutes to complete.
Q. Do I have to respond to every question in the questionnaires?

A. Skipping questions would result in an inaccurate report, so all questionnaire responses are required. Most of the questionnaires take only a few minutes to complete. Furthermore, the more thoughtful your responses are, the more accurate and helpful the report will be.
Q. Who developed SCoRE®?

A. SCoRE was developed by 3-C Institute for Social Development (3-C ISD), in cooperation with LEAD Pittsburgh. LEAD Pittsburgh, a nonprofit corporation, advocates for the recognition and acceptance of depression as a treatable medical condition and for the need to eliminate barriers to treatment. 3-C ISD creates and delivers evidence-based products and programs that promote positive social, emotional, and mental health.
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