Program Overview
About the program

SCoRE® (Student Curriculum on Resilience Education®) is a research-based resilience education program that helps students cope with the personal, social, and academic challenges of college life. The curriculum was developed by 3C Institute and LEAD Pittsburgh in collaboration with ten colleges and universities and is available as either an instructor-led or self-paced course.

Resilience, or the ability to adapt to adverse or changing circumstances, is an essential skill for everyone to learn and develop. College is a critical time for cultivating resilience as young adults navigate the transition from home life to college life and adulthood. Many of today’s incoming students are not prepared for this transition, and the resulting stress negatively impacts their adjustment, putting them at risk for mental health issues, substance abuse, and academic failure. Research suggests teaching resilience skills to students can prevent these outcomes, help students get the most out of their college experience, and equip them to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

When students develop the resilience to successfully handle the challenges they encounter at college, their health improves, along with their grades and retention rates. The SCoRE program provides colleges and universities with everything they need to conduct personalized, engaging resilience education with students.

The curriculum

Resilience program that addresses common student challenges

SCoRE has helped many students deal with struggles such as stress and time management, building healthy social relationships, self-care, goal setting, and more.

The research-based curriculum is all about developing and strengthening resilience skills and giving students the ability to adjust to circumstances and keep going in the face of adversity. Having these skills will enable students to have a successful college experience and ultimately be more prepared for their futures.

SCoRE incorporates a range of instructional elements, including online self-reflection questionnaires, practice activities, and personalized reports.

Designed with students and colleges in mind

  • Topics that are relevant to college student life: stress management, time management, study habits, staying healthy, making new friends, goal setting, and much more
  • Online course that can be easily administered and completed anytime, anywhere with instant scoring and personalized reports
  • Fast-paced with interactive activities and graphics
  • Practical strategies students can apply immediately to their lives for a better college experience
  • Student privacy protected

The results

Program evaluations show SCoRE provides significant benefits to students:

  • They gain knowledge.
    After participating in SCoRE, students demonstrate a significant increase in their knowledge of resilience, including strategies to deal with stress.
  • They learn to manage stress.
    Students who take the SCoRE course report stable levels of stress throughout their first semester, which is particularly noteworthy given that research shows the stress level of college students typically escalates during this time. This ability to manage stress persisted into their second year.
  • They use resilience strategies.
    The majority of students who participate in SCoRE report greater use of the resilience strategies taught in the curriculum, including working to improve their social relationships and trying to balance their personal and academic lives.
The majority of students who participate in SCoRE say they enjoyed the course and would recommend SCoRE to another student.

are satisfied with their overall course experience, including the lessons, online materials, and instructor.


think the curriculum materials are of high quality.


say they benefited from participating and will use the skills they learned.


report using one or more resilience strategies taught in SCoRE.


enjoyed the lessons and found the activities engaging.

Likewise, instructors who teach SCoRE are highly satisfied with the curriculum content and materials.

are satisfied with their overall course experience, including the topics covered and online materials.


liked the lessons, found them interesting, and thought they covered the right material.


thought the questionnaires and at-home activities were easy to understand.

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